I registered for FREE ACCESS but I want to upgrade. How can I do this?

You can always upgrade. Make sure you are logged in and then just go to TICKETS or SHOP in the menu and purchase a new ticket while you are logged in as a user. Once you purchase a new ticket please wait awhile and our team will upgrade you as soon as they can.

I read that you will provide wine tasting packs for us to order. Where can I find those?

Tasting packs are not available yet but we are working fast to get them online so you will be able to get them on time. Be aware that most of the wine tasting packs will be available only in EU countries for us to ship directly from Slovenia (with very low shipping prices).

How to reach you if I still have a question?

You can always reach out to the team. Send us an email to info@vinofest.si or use a chat. If you live outside of EU please have in mind that we might be sleeping 😉 but hit that chat anyway and see what happens 😉