Sponsorship opportunities

Are you interested to work with us?

Bellow you can find some of the sponsorship opportunities to present your products and services to wine lovers attending Vinofest. Contact us if you have other ideas. We are always open to find a win-win solutions!

Who is attending the Vinofest festival? (Who will see your spots / product placements?)

The idea is to attract wine lovers from around the world to get to know Slovenia as a winemaking country.

A lot of people from Slovenia will be attending (what we can see from the registrations already) but the real market that we want to attract is outside of Slovenia.

We are pushing our promotional activities and payed advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google Ads) to wine lovers specifically in EU countries (where we are able to deliver tasting packages at an affordable prices directly from Slovenia).

Vinofest is also being advertised in the USA and Asia (where we are not able to deliver tasting packages directly but we are searching for local partners that are importing Slovenian wines that could send some tasting packages).

What we can offer to you?

GENERAL SPONSOR OPPORTUNITIES still available! Contact us asap.

A. Production and placement of video sponsor spots

Spots are specifically produced for Vinofest sponsor packages (connecting your story with Slovenian wine and Vinofest festival).

15 seconds sponsor video mention = 97 EUR
We produce a short simple video with voiceover text
Minimum buy is 4 placements = 291 EUR (you can buy more placements)

30 seconds sponsor video mention = 147 EUR
We produce a short simple video with voiceover text
Minimum buy is 3 placements = 441 EUR (you can buy more placements)

B. Product placement in winemaker virtual tour videos

We are able to include your product in winemaker virtual visits

Specifically great for wine related products such as wine glasses, decanters or for wine tourism such as wine tours, places to stay when on a wine tour, also food related like restaurants, wine bars etc. Also great for car and camper companies, spa & health related places etc.

Product placement means that we show your product for a couple of seconds and we include it as a part of video:
* for example water bottle on a table that host and / or winemakers drink and we show a close up
* host using your just released new car model when visiting the winery
* host relaxing on a balcony / having breakfast / starting the day etc. in your hotel
* host in your spa relaxing and introducing a story of the wine region
* host tasting extra bottle of wine from the winery with the winemaker or production team in the wine room or terrace of your hotel

Prices for one product placement start at 97 euros. Contact us to see if we can work together and if we can find a narrative to include your product in our videos.

Minimum buy for product placement in the videos is 5 placements (your product will be placed in 5 videos).


C. Production of custom video for your usage

We can produce a custom spot with 15, 30 and 60 seconds edits including voiceover that you can use anytime (not connected to Vinofest).

* Package 30 = 397 EUR

with 15 and 30 seconds (2 edits)
Spots with very short text, telling the story about your place / product in a short narrative

* Package 60 = 697 EUR

with 15 and 30 seconds and 60 seconds (3 edits)
60 seconds package includes a special storytelling narrative (we tell your story in a unique way)

*Prices for this production include total buyout for all media worldwide and with no time limit (including TV broadcast, internet usage etc.)